Energy purchase optimization


Help large energy consumer companies to control and reduce their energy-related costs.


With the deregulation of the energy market, purchasing electricity and natural gas for industrial consumers is getting increasingly complex. Energy monitoring and costs management are critical components of competitiveness.


At each step of the energy-buying process we provide our customers with the expertise and tools needed for intelligent energy cost management. From tender and invoice verification to tariff optimization and market risk management, Smart Grid Energy is present at every stage. Our compensation is based on the measured results of our work for the long.

Case study

By partnering with Smart Grid Energy, our customer received an initial discount resulting from aggregation of volume purchased from the supplier. On an annual consumption of 10 GWh this represents several thousands euros per year. Smart Grid Energy then developed a curtailment activity on the customer's site : by allowing to reduce by 20% its electricity consumption during a few hours per year, he earns additional money.