About us

Maxime Dauby

Maxime Dauby is CEO, founder, and president of Smart Grid Energy. Before creating Smart Grid Energy, Maxime held various operational positions within RTE, EDF, and Poweo. Maxime Dauby is an electrical engineer graduate of INP-Grenoble.

Antoine de Broves

Antoine de Broves is Director of Operations. He joined Smart Grid Energy shortly after the creation of the company, having worked for 7 years at RTE where he held the positions of dispatcher, dispatcher trainer, and project manager for the market department. Antoine de Broves is an electrical engineer graduate of INP-Grenoble.

Mathieu Bordas

Mathieu Bordas is Director of Information Systems and Research. Before joining Smart Grid Energy, Mathieu Bordas was project manager in an IT consulting firm where he specialized in the defence sector. Mathieu Bordas is a computer engineer graduate of the Ecole des Mines d'Alès and holds a Masters degree in computational mechanics from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Philippe Gay

Philippe Gay is Director of Development. He joined Smart Grid Energy with a decade of experience in the energy field. Among others, he was senior production manager for a large metallurgic factory and energy purchaser for international groups. Philippe Gay is graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris, specialized in metallurgy development.

Christophe Andral

Christophe Andral is an automation and information systems engineer. He joined Smart Grid Energy after 7 years in an IT consulting company specialized in telecom and information networks. Christophe Andral is graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis where he became a real-time embedded systems and mobile applications engineer with a Masters degree in ambiant and mobile softwares.

Tom Chastin

Tom Chastin is administrative and financial officer. He joined Smart Grid Energy after having worked in management control in a large agri-food company. He holds a degree in accounting management of SMEs&SMIs.

Nils Haverland

Nils Haverland is responsible for real-time operations. During his training he participated in a number of research studies on load shedding. Nils Haverland is graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Jean-Raphaël Corvol

Jean-Raphaël Corvol is in charge of the Business Development. Expert in gas and electricity supply contracts, he has worked for seven years with two energy suppliers as Head of Pricing and Structuring, before he joined Smart Grid Energy in April 2015. Jean-Raphaël Corvol graduated from l’École Supérieure d’Électricité in Paris (Supélec) and from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).

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